RFIB launches MGA - Limehouse Agencies

RFIB launches MGA - Limehouse Agencies

  • London
  • January 19, 2017

RFIB today announced the appointment of Jack Gressier as a Non-Executive Independent Director of its holding company (TopCo). Mr Gressier will be investing in the company in a private capacity.

In addition TopCo has announced the creation of Limehouse Agencies (Limehouse); Mr Gressier has additionally been appointed as the founding Non-Executive Chairman of Limehouse.

Limehouse is a subsidiary of TopCo and has been established with the aim of building a world class underwriting platform dedicated to serving clients and markets, buyers and sellers in the most effective and efficient manner. It will use the latest innovations in technology to provide superior service and product.

Mr Gressier stated, "the traditional insurance model, on which the large brokers and carriers were built, is being transformed. The arrival of new, non-traditional capital in conjunction with new and advanced disruptive technology has created a new paradigm in risk transfer."

"Limehouse has been established to be at the forefront of this development. As founding Non-Executive Chairman of Limehouse I will shortly be announcing the appointment of a world class Chief Executive Officer to lead Limehouse Agencies.”

Mr Gressier is an industry veteran of more than 30 years having started his career in Lloyd’s in 1986. He has extensive experience in most classes and most geographies. Having served as both an Underwriter and Management Executive in both the Lloyd’s and insurance company environments he is uniquely qualified to create a start-up business in the MGA and alternative markets space.

Mr Gressier will report to Mr Mark Winlow the independent Chairman of TopCo.