With deep domain expertise, an operating orientation and a culture of true partnership and integrity, the Calera team has become a partner of choice for founders, families and management teams


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Calera Capital has been partnering with successful middle market companies for more than three decades.

Calera was founded to invest in middle market operating businesses on behalf of a family that had built and operated one of the world's largest and most successful private companies. From day one, Calera developed a deep appreciation for founder, family and management-owned businesses and embraced a commitment to building businesses of enduring value through supporting partner companies with strategic and operating insights and resources.


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Calera is a form of limestone, a sedimentary rock used to build everything from the Great Pyramid to some of the most distinguished buildings in the world. The name reflects our focus on building strong, substantial businesses that occupy leading positions in their industries and that stand the test of time.


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Purpose: To work with founders / owners / management teams to build truly great businesses that generate superior returns.

Building relationships of mutual trust and aligned interest with the founders / owners / management of businesses, with our limited partners, and within Calera itself.

Long-Term Value Creation: 
Taking an operating orientation toward building businesses capable of sustainable strategic value creation.

Intelligent and Thorough Diligence: 
Conducting rigorous and thorough diligence of investment opportunities as the basis for thoughtful investing and for creating future value within an investment.

Accountability at the Highest Level: 
Holding ourselves individually and collectively accountable for our actions at the highest level of integrity and for our results at the highest level of risk-adjusted returns.